This is the first version of a pilot project; Kurdish alphabet language web 

utility designed by Bazaarsoft Corporation for online teaching Southern 

Kurdistan alphabet to both Kurdish and non-Kurdish children particularly 

those exposed to English.


It is a convenient, easy to navigate and an effective tool for both classroom

teaching and independent learning.


This web tool visually introduces the various forms of a letter and how each

one fits into a word structure. The sound of the letter and the morphology rule

is presented through immediately recognized Kurdish words. The sound of the 

word also is made available to show the aural blending of the letter sound into

imbedding word(s). The words are further illustrated with animated pictures and

its meaning in English. The illustrations employ basic colors and audio repetitions

are conveniently available.


This Kurdish Alphabet software also provides level 1 Kurdish reading and 

writing lessons to further clarify the basic rules of various letter connections. 

It is fun to use and incorporates also Kurdish classic children rhymes and songs.


A more comprehensive next Kurdish version is under construction. Furthermore, 

special editions can be conveniently custom tailored according to specific 

requirements such as other Kurdish alphabets or multi language platforms.  


In addition to modern engineering software design and website expertise, Bazaarsoft                                         Corporation offers educational services in most Middle Eastern and European languages.    

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